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Stairs Steel Staircases manufactured in the United Kingdom using British standard steel.

Various finishes available

The stairs shown in this section are our basic straight staircase range, we can manufacture stairs to any shape and any size.

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Which type fits your requirements?

1.  Straight Run Stair:

Straight run stairs are typically used in new home construction where space is at a premium and budget a consideration.  There are no turns or landings on this stair type as the name implies.

2.  L-Shaped Stair:

The L-shaped stair has a 90-degree turn at the landing.  Depending on the space you’re working with, this shape could use long or short legs, and occupies about the same amount of space as a curved staircase.  A variation of this type is the L-Shape with winders which when short on space takes the typical landing area and adds angled treads to ascend in a shorter run.  (Make sure these winders comply with local building codes).

3.   U-Shaped Stair:

Either a wide or narrow U-Shape can be designed for your space.  As the stairs ascend, they switch back from the landing headed in the direction of the run below.  This stair design is quite useful in tighter floor plans and can be stacked for multi-level structures.

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